DIY: simple green cleaning products

the amazing dallas weather this week has me up early, opening the windows, and motivated to do some premature spring cleaning. i also resolved a few weeks back to save more and be healthier in the new year, so today i scoured the world wide web for a few simple and non-toxic diy home cleaners i could make with items i already had.  these were the winners.  and they smell wonderful too! 


for an easy tub/shower/tile cleaner:  mix the juice of one grapefruit + one cup of course salt. scrub on surfaces with a rag then rise clean.  


for an easy wood polish: combine the juice of one lemon + one tablespoon olive oil + one table spoon water.  stir vigorously and then apply with a soft microfiber cloth.  


for a simple all purpose cleaner: combine the juice of one lemon + one cup hydrogen peroxide + two cups water.  shake and put into a spray bottle for easier applications.